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Que tal ouvir podcast sobre MBA?

1. "The MBA Wire" - Insights and advice for MBA applicants and students.

2. "Touch MBA Podcast" - Discusses various MBA programs, admissions, and career advice.

3. "Masters of Scale" - Hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, discussing business strategies.

4. "The Indicator from Planet Money" - NPR's podcast on economics and business.

5. "The EdSurge Podcast" - Conversations about education, including business education.

6. "Business Wars" - Narrates the rivalries between businesses and their strategies.

7. "The McKinsey Podcast" - Insights into management and strategy from McKinsey & Company.

8. "Ideas at Work" - A podcast by Harvard Business Review featuring thought leaders.

9. "The Economist Podcasts" - Covers a wide range of global business and economic topics.

10. "The Strategy Skills Podcast" - Hosted by Michael Pich, discussing strategy and management.

11. "The Wall Street Journal's Secrets of Wealthy Women" - Features influential women in business.

12. "The Financial Times' Money Clinic" - Personal finance and investment advice.

13. "The Knowledge Project" - Hosted by Shane Parrish, explores decision-making and critical thinking.

14. "The B-Schooled Podcast" - Insights into the MBA admissions process.

15. "Beyond the GMAT" - Focuses on MBA admissions and career insights.

16. "The Business School Question" - Features interviews with business school deans and faculty.

17. "Harvard Business Review IdeaCast" - Discusses management and leadership topics.

18. "This Is Working" - Hosted by LinkedIn's editor-in-chief, discussing workplace and careers.

19. "London Business School Review" - Insights and research from LBS.

20. "The MBA Insider Podcast" - Focuses on MBA programs, admissions, and the student experience.

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